Typing in New York

Teatro del Repertorio Español, New York, 2012

Staged reading of Typing, by Cristina Colmena, directed by Rafael Abolafia for AENY’s Staged Reading Series 2012/13. With Alfredo Tauste, Francisco Reyes & Sebastian Galvez.

Typing the same document is boring and a little bit absurd, but when you are paid for that, it´s better not asking questions and just think about the money. The troubles begin when you have to share the typewriter: right side or the left? A comedy about personnel cuts and persons cuts, you know, the recession.

Photo: Alfredo Tauste, Francisco Reyes and Sebastian Galvez in Typing. Photo: Ignacio Garcia Bustelo

Typing – Staged Reading Series 2012 from AENY-Spanish Artists in New York on Vimeo.




More info: http://www.aeny-elpuente.org/wordpress/staged-reading-series/whatever/typing/

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