Happily Ever After, Washington DC

Directed by Hanna Bondarewska, Ambassador Theatre, Washington D.C., March 2014


One and one not always equals two. The couple and its complicated arithmetic through three stories where characters want to be happy but they don´t know how. When you get stood up, when you wake up beside a stranger, when after thirty years you don´t know what to speak about. The loneliness of sleeping alone and of sleeping with someone. Named as one of the best plays of 2014 by DC Metro Theater Arts: Best play, best directors and best actors

Ambassador Theatre, Washington DC, 12-30th March 2014

Ambassador Theatre Blog: http://blog.aticc.org/happily-ever-after-are-we/

Article by Eliza Anna Falk: http://www.aticc.org/home/for-better-or-for-worse

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Photo: Karin Rosnizeck and Doug Krehbel in Happily Ever After. Photo: Ambassador Theatre